Carlisle's more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, over 20 billion square feet of membrane sold and nearly 350,000 warranted installations, positions the company as the single-ply roofing market leader. This role has been achieved through superior customer service and product innovation designed to enhance roof system performance and sustainability. When recently surveyed, architects and specifiers throughout the country, rated Carlisle superior to others for design and technical support and long-term warranties.

Carlisle Spec Tools

CSI Specs

3-Part CSI Format Specification written for a particular membrane product line. Each specification outlines all the system types for a given membrane. Detailed information on warranties, products and installation.

CSI Specs

Form Specs

An editable word format document written for a particular membrane and system type. Specifier notes are included as well as colored text which highlights areas in need of editing.

Form Specs

Guide Specs

A short, descriptive specification written for a particular membrane and system type.

Guide Specs


3-Part CSI Format Specification and Design Guide for the NVELOP System, a total building envelope system warranty.

Nvelop Specs

All Specs

We’ve collected our most helpful tools and resources to help you get the job done while saving time.

View All Specs

An elite group of individuals whose work represents the highest standards of the roofing and waterproofing industry. The Sustainable Roofing & Waterproofing Alliance (SRWA) consists of Architects, Roof Consultants, Building Envelope Consultants, Building Owners and a select group of product manufacturers.

Established in 2007, as a sustainable construction initiative, to improve the dialogue and information sharing between roof designers and roofing industry manufacturers. In recent years it has expanded beyond North America, to become a truly international group of roofing and waterproofing professionals.

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